“IOSCO Publishes Recommendations on Sustainable Finance” – Regulation Asia – June 8, 2019

On June 8, 2019 Regulation Asia reported that “IOSCO (the International Organization of Securities Commissions) has published a report from its Growth and Emerging Markets Committee (GEMC) setting out 10 recommendations for developing sustainable finance ecosystems in growth and emerging markets.

The report identifies the prerequisites for creating an ecosystem that facilitates sustainable finance, and sets out 10 recommendations for growth and emerging markets.”

You may read the article on the Regulation Asia internet site.

You may download the report, “Sustainable finance in emerging markets and the role of securities regulators” from the IOSCO internet site.

“The Chain: No Mention of Deforestation in JPMorgan’s Climate Risk Assessment” – Chain Reaction Research – June 4, 2019

On June 4, 2019 Chain Reaction Research published an analysis of deforestation risks at JPMorgan.

“JPMorgan Chase released in May its first assessment on the bank’s climate-related risks and opportunities. The assessment is mostly limited to energy and fossil fuels and fails to consider agriculture-related risks such as deforestation. The financial sector’s connection to deforestation has begun to receive more attention among NGOs, investors, governments, and central banks. JPMorgan has been identified as one bank with wide investments in and loans to companies that operate along soft commodity supply chains – such as palm oil, beef, and soy – and are contending with financial risks linked to deforestation.

Chain Reaction Research (CRR) reached out to JPMorgan for comment but did not receive a reply.”

You may read the analysis on the Chain Reaction Research internet site.