“Google to Invest in Africa’s Largest Wind Farm” – TriplePundit – November 25, 2015

On November 25, 2015 an article in TriplePundit profiled Google’s recent wind energy investments in Africa.  According to the article, “(l)ast month, Google announced that it will invest in Africa’s largest wind power farm, on the heels of the company’s $12 million investment  in the largest solar project on the continent.” The Lake Turkana Wind Power Project […]

“Slow but steady progress on sustainable energy” – GreenBiz – November 24, 2015

An article published in GreenBiz on November 24, 2015 presents the findings of the annual Energy Trilemma Index (conducted by Oliver Wyman and the World Energy Council), that “ ranks 130 countries on their performance in meeting the energy trilemma (energy equity [affordability and access], energy security and environmental sustainability) and assesses how well countries are balancing […]