Timberland is Helping Rebuild Haiti’s Cotton Industry” – Fast Company – February 9, 2018

An article published on Fast Company on February 9, 2018 asks the question:  “Can using blockchain to verify cotton as organic help revive the industry in Haiti? Haiti hasn’t grown cotton in decades. Its once-abundant industry collapsed in the 1970s due to government corruption, economic mismanagement, and U.S. embargoes. But now, thanks to a project involving […]

Green Bond Principles Mexico – Climate Finance Advisory Group – January 25, 2018

On January 25, 2018 the Climate Finance Advisory Group (CCFC, in Spanish) “launched the ‘Green Bonds Principles MX.’ with the aims of establishing common guidelines that can help green bond issuers in the Mexican market with the green bond issuance process, and at the same time provide certainty to investors regarding the environmental benefits of […]