“China is Now the World’s Largest Producer of Solar Power” – Collective Evolution – February 12, 2017

On February 12, 2017 Collective Evolution reported that China is now the world’s largest producer of solar power.  According to the article, the National Energy Administration (NEA) of China documented that the country had a capacity of 77.42 gigawatts at year-end 2016, after doubling its installed photovoltaic (PV) capacity in 2016.   Nevertheless, solar energy represents only one […]

“Recent deaths reopen scrutiny of Foxconn working conditions” – The Wall Street Journal – August 21, 2016

On August 21, 2016 The Wall Street Journal reported on two recent deaths at Foxconn in the Chinese city Zhengzhou, “the main site for iPhone production.” You may read the article on The Wall Street Journal internet site.