“First National Platform for Ranking Companies’ Social Responsibility Launched” – Smart Kolektiv – January 29, 2016

In its January 2016 newsletter the Serbian non-governmental organization (NGO) Smart Kolektiv and the Responsible Business Forum (Serbia) announced in a press release that they had “launched the first national platform for ranking social responsibility of companies – the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Index. The Index is an on-line platform to be used by companies […]

“New portal for promotion of socially responsible business” – Tanjug – March 16, 2015

A press release published on March 16, 2015 on Tanjug, the Serbian state news agency, announces that a new portal for promoting information sharing among companies, individuals and organizations active in social responsibility has been launched in Serbia. “The website is a joint project of the company Color Press Group, creative agency Plain&Hill, and […]