United Kingdom

“Matalan fails to contribute to Rana Plaza trust fund as deadline looms” – The Guardian – July 27, 2014

According to an article published on July 27, 2014 in The Guardian, “Matalan is the only major British retailer not to have donated money to the UN-backed fund to compensation the victims of the Rana Plaza factory collapse.” You may read the article on The Guardian internet site.

“Breaking the eight myths of sustainable and responsible investment” – Blue & Green Tomorrow – June 16, 2014

“There are eight myths about sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) that Richard Essex says must be broken; eight myths that, he adds, are currently being broken by the genuine SRI industry that is happening right now.” This article is an extract from Richard Essex’s 2014 book, Invest, Feel Good and Make a Difference. You may read […]