Five Questions about Financial Inclusion – Special Interview with Dr. Ascanio Graziosi, Rome, Italy – August 26, 2016

On occasion, Emerging Markets ESG publishes a special interview with an academic, expert or practitioner about a specific topic with relevance to environmental, social and/or governance (ESG) issues. This month’s interview, the 21st in the special interview series, is about financial inclusion and is with Dr. Ascanio Graziosi, author of the e-book entitled, “Financial Inclusion:  Give […]

“Private Equity and Responsible Investing: Trends and Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa” – Kudos Africa – August 22, 2016

The rating and research agency KudosAfrica has published a report entitled, “Private Equity and Responsible Investing:  Trends and Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa.” You may access the report here, by entering your contact details (name and email address).