“The truth is finally starting to emerge about socially responsible investing” – CNBC June 16, 2017

On June 16, 2017 CNBC reported that “the truth is finally staring to emerge about socially responsible investing,” citing both recent performance data and academic research, including a 2013 meta-analysis of 25 primary studies on SRI performance. The article profiles a range of SRI options, including those with emerging markets coverage, and summarizes SRI performance […]

“Asia catches the sustainable investment bug… at last” – Asia Times – June 11, 2017

Citing data from the Global Sustainable Investment Review 2016, Asia Times reported on June 23, 2017 that Asia is slowly embracing sustainable investment.  “The region is late to the party, but with much ground to catch up on and demand from both governments and investors, there’s ample room for growth.” The article describes a range […]