“IKEA is releasing a version of its iconic shopping bag made from potato chip wrappers” – Quartz – June 13, 2017

On June 13, 2017 Quartz reported that IKEA will begin selling a new version of its Frakta shopping bag made from discarded plastic materials. According to the article, (t)his latest incarnation of the iconic IKEA workhorse bag is the work of Mariam Hazem and Hend Riad, founders of Reform Studio, a design practice that produces furniture and woven textiles […]

“Sustainable businesses proving lucrative” – The Straights Times – June 12, 2017

On June 12, 2017 The Straights Times reported on the growing trend of sustainable business in Singapore.  According to the article, “(m)ore companies here are jumping on the lucrative sustainability bandwagon amid booming demand and opportunities for businesses that are both profitable and eco-friendly.” You may read the article on The Straights Times internet site.