Bridging the Gaps: Effectively Addressing ESG Risks in Emerging Markets – Report published by Sustainalytics – June 25, 2012

In June 2012 Sustainalytics published the report, Bridging the Gaps – Effectively Addressing ESG Risks in Emerging Markets.

In the report, Sustainalytics examines the risks and challenges faced by those considering investments in emerging market equities. Senior manager Andrea van Dijk, research manager Lotte Griek and master’s student Chloe Jansen provide investors with insights and tools to effectively implement ESG into their emerging market investment strategies.  The report examines ESG practices in emerging markets and compares them with practices in developed markets.  It includes case studies featuring a number of emerging market practitioners, including a case study with Geoffrey Mazullo, Principal, Emerging Markets ESG.

The report is available on the publications page of the Sustainalytics internet site.