Panel on Ethics, Governance and Sustainability – 33rd International Buergenstock Meeting – Interlaken, Switzerland – September 6, 2012

The Swiss Futures and Options Association (SFOA) held the 33rd International Buergenstock Meeting from September 5-7, 2012 in Interlaken, Switzerland.

On Thursday, September 6, 2012 Geoffrey Mazullo, Principal, Emerging Markets ESG, participated in a panel session dedicated to ethics,
governance and sustainability.  According to Otto E. Naegeli, Chairmen, SFOA, “It took 33 International Bürgenstock Conferences until for the first time the topic of Ethics, Governance and Sustainability in Finance was discussed on a panel. Actually I got the idea to add this topic after I met Geoffrey Mazullo at a conference in Belgrade last year and I invited him on the spot to be a speaker at our conference. Based on the
feedback and compliments from conference delegates, the panel was extremely well received. I am sure this was not the last time we will talk about ESG.”

For more information about the 33rd International Buergenstock Meeting, please visit the website of the Swiss Futures and Options
Association (SFOA)