Handle with Care: Resource Management as a Competitive Edge – The Boston Consulting Group and INSEAD – October 10, 2012

On October 10, 2012 The Boston Consulting Group and INSEAD published a report entitled, “Handle with Care:  Resource Management as a Competitive Edge.”

According to the press release distributed by The Boston Consulting Group, “The report lays out seven principles for maximizing a company’s total return on resources. These involve not just operational directives, such as embedding the effort deep into the organization and measuring aggressively.”

The seven principles of maximizing total return on resources are critical to obtaining competitive advantage.  The report identifies what leading companies do and profiles 16 “new sustainability champions” based in emerging markets.  “These leading companies also demonstrate how to shape the business ecosystem and come up with new business models that monetize resource management.”

You may download the report on the bcg.perspectives internet site of Boston Consulting Group.