EIRIS Event – Fresh thinking: investors and driving ESG performance in emerging markets – New York, NY, USA – December 10, 2012

On December 10, 2012 EIRIS held an event in New York entitled, “Fresh thinking:  investors and driving ESG performance in emerging markets.”

This free investor event explored the drivers for increasing performance and disclosure around environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues by emerging market companies.

The event was hosted by Moody’s Corporation and opened by Jody Rasch, Senior Vice President, Social Performance Group.

Molly Betournay, Head of US Research, EIRIS, informed participants about EIRIS’ newly-launched Emerging Markets Service and the findings from EIRIS’ recent survey of investor activity in emerging markets.

Then, Lisa Hayles, Head of Client Services North America, EIRIS, moderated a panel discussion, covering the following: 

  • What do panelists think of the findings from the investor survey?
  • What drives standards in ESG performance and disclosure? Perspectives on Asian, Eastern European and Latin American local context challenges and opportunities.
  • How can investors apply a responsible investment strategy when looking at emerging markets?
  • How can engagement differ across different emerging markets?
  • What is the role that stock exchanges, regulators and investors play in raising the bar for ESG disclosure standards?
  • How do panelists see ESG performance and disclosure developing in the future?

The panelists were:  Lauren Compere, Managing Director and the Director of Shareholder Advocacy, Boston Common Asset Management; Luisa Montes, Executive Director, Ecovalores, Mexico; and Geoffrey Mazullo, Principal, Emerging Markets ESG and Adjunct Professor of the School of American Law (SAL) in Gdansk and in Wroclaw, Poland.

Panelists and participants also discussed questions raised by participants, including:

  •  What do panelists think about the accuracy of ESG data disclosed by emerging market companies?
  • What are the processes for assessing and verifying disclosures?
  • Does the size of the company influence ESG disclosure?
  • Are there discernible trends regarding integrated reporting versus stand-alone CSR reports?
  • Does research demonstrate a relationship between ESG disclosures/performance and alpha?

Please visit the EIRIS website to learn more about the event.