Five Questions about SRI – Weekly Expert Interview Series – Nearing the close of its second year – February 22, 2013

Five Questions about SRI – Emerging Markets ESG’s weekly expert interview series – is now nearing the end of its second year.

To date, the second year of the interview series has featured academics, experts and practitioners from:  South Africa (seven); Canada (six); the United States (six); South Korea (four); the United Kingdom (four); and 15 other countries.

In March 2013 Emerging Markets ESG will publish an article analyzing the responses to the 52 interviews published during the second year of the series.

The following countries remain absent from the interview series, during both its first and the second year, as of February 22, 2013 – Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Finland, Ghana, Japan, Kenya, Lithuania, Nigeria; Norway, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Thailand and Ukraine.

With the exception of Egypt, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has not been covered.  Similarly, with the exception of Brazil, South America has not been covered.

Emerging Markets ESG would like to expand the interview series to cover all emerging and frontier markets, featuring a wide range of individuals, institutions, opinions and perspectives.

Academics, experts and practitioners from emerging markets and or engaged in emerging markets are invited to contribute an interview to the series.  Please contact Emerging Markets ESG if you would like to contribute an interview.