“Marketers ‘Underestimate Consumers’ Liking for CSR – They Also Fail To Recognize Which Regions Care Most (Think Emerging Markets)” – AdAge – March 7, 2013

In an article published on AdAge on March 7, 2013 entitled, “Marketers ‘Underestimate Consumers’ Liking For CSR,’ Emma Hall reports on a new survey presented at the World Federation of Advertisers’ annual conference in Brussels in early March.

The survey of 149 marketers and 8,000 consumers worldwide demonstrates that marketers underestimate the importance of CSR to consumers when making decisions about purchasing products of specific brands.  The survey also analyzed consumers and marketers attitudes toward purpose-driven marketing.

According to the survey, marketers are “out of step with consumers” about how CSR influences consumer decision-making.

“The biggest gap was in marketers’ perceptions of which region’s consumers are most motivated by “purpose.” When asked which region’s consumers are most likely to make purchases based on good causes, 58% of marketers chose Europe, 36% North America, 5% Asia and 1% opted for South America. They could not have been more wrong. Consumers in the rapidly growing emerging economies consistently said they were willing to pay more for brands with a purpose.”

You may read the article on the AdAge internet site.