“New Earth Launches Unique Online Portal to Analyze Social Conditions in Supply Chains” – CSRWire – March 26, 2013

A press release distributed through CSRwire on March 26, 2013 announced the launch of the Social Hotspots Database.  The press release describes the Social Hotspots Database:

“Interactive and visual, the new Web Portal employing “Tableau” software offers transparent information about social risks and opportunities in 227 countries and 57 sectors. The result of four years of research and development, the SHDB draws upon hundreds of data sources from sources such as the International Labor Organization, the World Health Organization, the U.S. Department of Labor and State, the World Bank, and more. Quantitative statistics and qualitative information by country and sector are used to develop characterization models. These models assign a risk (or opportunity) level to the data so that users can identify target areas in their supply chains to verify or improve social conditions.”

Although the press release states that New Earth has launched the Social Hotspots Database, there is no information about it on the New Earth website.  The most recent news on the New Earth website is dated November 11, 2010.

According to the Social Hotspots Database website, its mission is as follows:  “The Social Hotspots Database project aims to foster greater collaboration in improving social conditions worldwide by providing the data and tools necessary for improved visibility of social hotspots in product supply chains.”

Webinars demonstrating the user portal will be held on April 9, 19 and 26, 2013.  Contact New Earth / Social Hotspots Database project to obtain more information about the webinars.

You may read the press release on the CSRwire internet site.

More information is available on the Social Hotspots Database website.