“Staples agrees to progressive e-waste standards” – CNET – April 22, 2013

In an article on CNET entitled, “Staples agrees to progressive e-waste standards,” Jay Green reports on the company’s announcement to systematically address hazards in the recycling of post-consumer technology waste.

According to the article, “The retail giant announced a deal Monday, Earth Day, to use recyclers certified by e-Stewards, a program set up by the Seattle-based environmental group, the Basel Action Network, to handle materials collected from its free technology recycling program at more than 1,500 stores nationally. The company will also use e-Stewards-certified recyclers to handle electronic waste from its own internal operations.

The e-Stewards program, run by the Basel Action Network, certifies recyclers that handle electronics disposal properly. To receive e-Stewards certification, recyclers need to agree to remove private data, and assure that hazardous e-waste will not be exported to developing countries, deposited in landfills or incinerators, or sent to prison labor operations.”

You may read the article on the CNET internet site.