“Top Wind Power Countries per GDP” – Clean Technica – June 20, 2013

Using “2012 GDP data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as well as the Global Wind Energy Council’s (GWEC’s) wind power capacity data,” Zachary Shahan compiled for Clean Technica a ranking of the ’Top Wind Power Countries in the World per GDP’ for “total installed wind power at the end of 2012.”

These are the top ten countries:

Country Total Wind Power MW per Billion GDP Total Installed Capacity
Portugal 21.27 4,525
Spain 16.86 22,796
Demark 13.27 4,162
Cape Verde 12.64 24
Romania 11.25 1,905
India 10.09 18,421
Nicaragua 9.71 102
Germany 9.21 31,308
China 9.1 75,324
Ireland 8.26 1,738

A separate ranking lists countries by newly installed wind power during the year 2012.  Romania and Nicaragua top this list.

You may read more about the two rankings on the Clean Technica internet site.