Buycott – A new app to organize everyday consumer spending so that it reflects the consumer’s principles – July 11, 2013

Buycott is a new app that provides detailed information about brands, campaigns, companies and products so that consumers can organize their spending in line with their principles.

According to the Buycott internet site, “A buycott is the opposite of a boycott. Buycott helps you to organize your everyday consumer spending so that it reflects your principles.

When you use Buycott to scan a product, it will look up the product, determine what brand it belongs to, and figure out what company owns that brand (and who owns that company, ad infinitum). It will then cross-check the product owners against the companies and brands included in the campaigns you’ve joined, in order to tell you if the scanned product conflicts with one of your campaign commitments.”

Buycott has been featured on GreenBiz and Shelton Insights.

You may read more on the Buycott internet site.