“Stock exchanges ranked on sustainability disclosure: study finds link between disclosure policy and corporate reporting” – Corporate Knights Capital – October 30, 2013

On October 30, 2013 Corporate Knights (CK) Capital today released its second report on the state of corporate sustainability reporting across the world’s stock exchanges – “Trends in Sustainability Disclosure: Benchmarking the World’s Stock Exchanges, 2013.”

According to a press release distributed by CK Capital, the report “found that sustainability reporting practices diverge sharply across the world’s equity markets.

Sustainability disclosure practices vary significantly across regions, with European companies leading but emerging markets-based companies quickly closing the ‘disclosure gap.’

The study also finds that successful corporate disclosure practices are closely associated with policies that are mandatory, prescriptive and broad – offering clear implications for stock exchanges, securities regulators and governments.”

You may download the press release and the report from the Corporate Knights internet site.