“ISE 2014 has a new participation category for all companies listed on BM&FBOVESPA” – February 26, 2014

On February 26, 2014 at the launch of the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) for 2014/15, BM&FBOVESPA announced a new initiative designed to broaden the scope of listed companies’ sustainability reporting.

A press release describes the initiative:

“As of this year, all of the companies listed on BM&FBOVESPA will have the opportunity to simulate their participation in the selection process for the ISE.

In this new category, named SIMULADO (Simulated), the interested companies will be able to answer the questionnaire any time during the year (previous year’s questionnaire), up to twice a year. Immediately after completion they will receive the result of their answers and a comparison with the minimum, average and maximum scores of the previous year’s participants.

Simulado will allow all of the listed companies, in particular those that are beginning their sustainability journey, to have an instrument for a practical and rapid qualified diagnosis. Furthermore, they can prepare themselves as future candidates for ISE portfolio membership with a greater familiarity with the process.”

You may read the press release on the media room page of the BM&FBOVESPA internet site.