“Investor’s guide on community stakeholder engagement in Latin America” – Aphaia – April 24, 2014

Aphaia, the consultancy engaged in policy, regulatory and strategic aspects of the energy, environment, IT and telecoms sectors, published on April 24, 2014 a white paper, ““Investor’s guide on community stakeholder engagement in Latin America.”  The paper explores “the ins and outs of key community-engagement strategies needed to adopt when planning projects in Latin America, especially when it comes to understanding the ‘social license to operate.’”  The whitepaper is co-authored by Bostjan Makarovic, founder of Aphaia, and Thalia Viveros-Uehara, the Parliamentary Advisor to the Environment and Natural Resources Commission of the Mexican Senate.

According to Mr. Makarovic, “The guide is intended for any responsible direct investor in Latin America. It integrates the key formal legal requirements, including the rights of indigenous population, and broader conditions in order to obtain a ‘social license to operate’. It reflects Aphaia’s team dedication to help corporations find the right balance between profits and community stakeholder interests.”

Registered users of the Aphaia internet site may download the Investor’s Guide on the whitepapers page of the Aphaia internet site.