Please note the upcoming TBLI CONFERENCES in 2015:

     23 Jan (Chicago/USA @Kellog/Booth);

     29/30 Apr (Singapore/Rep. of Singapore @Insead);

     15/16 Jun (Copenhagen/Denmark @Copenhagen School of Business);

     3rd Quarter (USA); and

     4th Quarter (Europe).

TBLI is a platform to educate asset owners about ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) and Impact Investing. Through it TBLI Conference brings together thought leaders and shows the latest developments in the ESG and Impact Investing. In addition, TBLI Conference highlights investment opportunities for asset owners. TBLI will be partnering with various leading Business schools in 2015.

Testimonial: “TBLI Conference stands out from other conferences in the standard of value I received during my attendance. The topics covered, quality of contacts made, deals executed and community generated are noticeably better than other conferences I’ve attended. Thank you Mr. Rubinstein for your vision & execution.”  Ibrahim AlHusseini The Husseini Group LLC, Managing Member

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