“Germany pushes climate insurance for developing countries” – EurActiv – April 22, 2015

According to an article published on EurActiv on April 22, 2015 “Barbara Hendricks plans to use Germany’s G7 presidency to pave the way for the entry of climate change insurance into mainstream environmental and development policy, and climate protection is high on the agenda for the June G7 summit in Ellmau, Bavaria.

On Monday, in preparation for the summit, the Environment Ministry published a paper proposing that the seven leading industrialised countries contribute by ensuring that more people in vulnerable developing countries are insured against the risks of climate change. Their aim should be to double or treble the number of people insured.

Barbara Hendricks hopes to implement pilot projects with the participation of the World Bank, building on existing regional insurance systems, and using private and public funds to generate the premiums needed. The Ministry has revealed that the German reinsurance company Munich Re is also involved in the project.”

You may read the article on the EurActiv internet site.