“WFE Survey – Exchanges See Rising Investor Interest in Sustainability” – World Federation of Exchanges – July 22, 2015

In a press release published on the news page of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) internet site on July 2, 2015 the WFE publicized the results of a recent survey:

“Thirty nine percent of respondents to the global exchanges survey (22 out of 56) stated they had received ESG-related queries from investors, of which 10 said that such inquiries are on the increase.

The finding shows how ‘ESG’ (Environment, Social and Corporate Governance) concerns are becoming widespread among global capital market participants. Exchanges provide an important informational and regulatory nexus on ESG issues between companies and the capital markets which serve their financing needs.”

You may read the press release on news page of the WFE internet site.

The full survey results and report may be downloaded from the studies and surveys page of the WFE internet site.