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“Looking Down Supply Chains to Counter Human Trafficking” – USAID – July 30, 2015

In a blog post published on the USAID internet site on July 30, 2015 USAID announced that it “is pioneering a global supply chain approach to better identify and counter human trafficking in sectors rife with these forms of exploitation and abuse. We call this initiative “Supply Unchained” and recently put out a call for […]

“Despite $7 billion to ‘Power Africa,’ why the continent is still in the dark” – Reuters – July 30, 2015

  On July 30, 2015 an article in Reuters analyzes barriers to accessing electricity in Kenya, despite the Power Africa initiative.  The article was written in collaboration with Catherine Wolfram, Professor of Business Administration, University of California, Berkeley, and Francis Meyo, Research Coordinator, Innovations for Poverty Action. In a study conducted by the two organizations, the authors “document a host […]