“A Justified Juncture: How Renewables are Redefining Jamaican Energy Economics” – WorldWatch Institute – November 6, 2015

WorldWatch Institute has published a four-part blog series “documenting the paradigm shift currently underway in the Caribbean,” covering the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica.

According to the fourth segment of the blog series, “Jamaica is a leader in the transition to sustainable energy systems in the Caribbean. The country’s National Energy Policy, adopted in 2009, is vaunted as a model for lawmakers region-wide. The policy lays out aggressive targets for a 30 percent renewable energy share and a 50 percent reduction in energy intensity by 2030. Efforts to meet these ambitious targets have benefited from a robust enabling environment of tax exemptions and incentives. As a result, Jamaica boasts over 72 megawatts (MW) of installed renewable energy capacity from hydro, solar, and wind power plants.”

You can read the blog series on the WorldWatch Institute internet site.