“Swiss Microfinance Report 2015 shows that Switzerland remains the leader in managing global microfinance investments” – Symbiotics and University of Zurich – Center for Microfinance – December 15, 2015

In a press release published on December 15, 2015 Symbiots announced that it and the University of Zurich – Center for Microfinance had published the 2015 Swiss Microfinance Investments Report.  According to the press release, “(t)his year’s study was prepared on the occasion of the Swiss Microfinance Platform event held in late November in Geneva that brought together many of the Swiss microfinance actors  including government agencies, NGOs , academics, practitioners and founders in order to review and discuss the current microfinance landscape in Switzerland. The 2015 Swiss Microfinance Investments Report is an update of a first report published in 2011 by Symbiotics in collaboration with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

Some key findings include:

  • Switzerland remains the market leader in microfinance investments with USD 3.9 billion assets under management as of December 2014 against 2.3 billion in 2010. Eight out 15 largest global products are Swiss-managed or advised investment vehicles.
  • Since 2010, Swiss assets under management registered a 15% annual compounded growth compared to a 5% for the global market.
  • Private institutional investors remain the top investors with 57% of volumes followed by retail investors, public funders and high net worth individuals (HNWI).”

You may read the press release about the report here.

You may download the report here.