“Singapore Exchange consultations: Listings rule changes and sustainability reporting” – Manifest – January 17, 2016

On January 17, 2016 Manifest reported in a blog post that in January 2016 the Singapore Exchange (SGX) began consultations on sustainability reporting.

“The SGX is proposing that issuers will have to include five primary components in a sustainability report which are:

  • Identification of material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, giving reasons for their choice and a description of the process of selection.
  • Policies, practices and performance of the company in relation to each of the material ESG factors, in both descriptive and quantitative terms.  Performance should be discussed in the context of any previously disclosed targets.
  • Targets for the forthcoming year.
  • A chosen reporting framework to guide the disclosure of relevant information on the ESG factors. Using an internationally recognised or industry-relevant framework enhances acceptance and comparability.
  • A statement of the board confirming compliance with the primary components or description of any alternative practices with reasons for preferring them.

The SGX  is also seeking views on the roles and responsibilities of board members in respect of sustainability reporting.”

You may read the post on the Manifest internet site.