“Competitive collaboration behind new mobile banking model in Peru” – Devex – January 27, 2016

On January 27, 2016 an article in Devex described the launch of a new, multi-stakeholder mobile banking system in Peru.

“BIM — an abbreviation for “mobile wallet” in Spanish — is a project that has brought together three of Peru’s main telecommunication companies and 32 of the country’s largest banks. Whereas mobile money platforms in most other developing countries are typically offered by one bank partnering with one cell phone company, Peru’s will bring together the main entities from both industries.

‘What makes Peru different is that pretty much all of the major financial institutions and telecom companies have come together to use one shared technology,’ Jeffrey Bower, a digital finance specialist with the United Nations-based Better Than Cash Alliance, who is helping to launch BIM, told Devex.”

You may read the article on the Devex internet site.