“Morningstar Launches 27 Indexes to Meet ESG Investing Appetite” – ThinkAdvisor – October 4, 2016

On October 4, 2016 ThinkAdvisor reported that Morninstar has launched a series of 27 indices that match high performance on sustainability indicators with risk/return ratios similar to the broader investment universe.  The indices cover single counties as well as  developed, emerging and regional markets.

According to the article, “(t)he index series builds on the research firm’s proprietary Sustainability Ratings for over 20,000 funds, as well as equity research on 1,400-plus companies and company sustainability scores (of 0-100) that evaluate firms based on more than 60 environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics. It is based on company-level ESG research and ratings from Sustainalytics, an independent data provider.”

You may read the article on the ThinkAdvisor internet site.