“The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2016” – Solability – December 13, 2016

On December 13, 2016 Solability published the 5th edition of its Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index.

In the 5th edition of the index, Sweden was ranked first, followed by the other four Scandinavian countries.  The top 20 positions are held by other European countries, including Slovenia (6), Estonia (11), Germany (14), Slovakia (16), Lithuania (18), Croatia, (19) and Latvia (20).  The only non-European countries in the top 20 are New Zealand (12) and Japan (15).

The UK was ranked 21, Canada 22, the US 32 and China 37.

According to Solability, “(t)he Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index is based on 109 quantitative performance indicators only to ensure total subjectivity. The 109 indicators are groupd in the 5 themes of competitiveness:  natural capital, resource efficiency, intellectual capital, social capital and governance.

All data is derived from renowned sources (the World Bank, various UN databases). All data sets are scored for the latest available data as well as the development over the last 5 years.”

You can read more about the index and download it from the Solability internet site.