“Green Bond Market in Georgia – A Growing Opportunity” – Georgia Today – January 16, 2017

On January 16, 2017 Jan van Bilsen, International Finance Corporation (IFC) Regional Manager for the South Caucasus, contributed to Georgia Today an editorial about the growing opportunity for green bonds in Georgia.  In the article, he described a seminar the IFC held in Tbilisi on green bonds.  “Around 25 participants, including representatives of the National Bank of Georgia, the Georgian Stock Exchange and commercial financial institutions, discussed current market conditions and opportunities for climate financing. The event highlighted that there is potential for green bonds, especially given a recent push by the government to bolster the renewable energy sector and to encourage energy efficiency.”

Mr. van Bilsen concludes that coordination and partnership between government and private business is necessary in order for green bonds to benefit everyone.

You may read the article on the Georgia Today internet site.