“Singapore, Hong Kong among biggest e-waste dumpers in the region” – ZD Net – January 16, 2017

On January 16, 2017 ZD Net reported on the results of recent research published by the United Nations University.  The first Regional E-waste Monitor:  East and Southeast Asia was compiled by the Sustainable Cycles (SCYCLE) program of the United Nations University and funded by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.

According to the report, “(t)he average e-waste generation per capita in the region was approximately 10 kg in 2015, with the highest generation found in Hong Kong (21.7 kg), followed by Singapore (19.95 kg) and Taiwan, Province of China (19.13 kg).  There were large differences between nations on the per capita scales, with Cambodia (1.10 kg), Vietnam (1.34 kg) and the Philippines (1.35 kg) the lowest e-waste generators per capita in 2015.”

Furthermore, “China alone more than doubled its generation of e-waste between 2010 and 2015 to 6.7 million tonnes, up 107%.”

You may read the article on the ZD Net internet site.

On the media relations page of the United Nations University internet site you may read a press release and download the report.