“oekom Country Rating 2017: sustainability assessment of 56 countries and the European Union” – oekom research AG – February 10, 2017

In its January 2017 newsletter, the German sustainability rating company oekom research AG announced the publication of its latest Country Rating.

“In its latest Country Rating, oekom research assessed a total of 57 nations, including the EU, OECD and BRICS nations, as well as key Asian and South American countries in terms of their respective sustainability performance. The assessed nations account for over 94 percent of the world’s outstanding sovereign bonds. The analysis is based on around 100 individual criteria and incorporates aspects such as the observation of human rights, freedom of opinion and the press, investments in education and healthcare, and the constellation of the countries’ energy mixes and climate protection measures. In addition to the assessment of these aspects the report has a particular focus on the EU, the USA, China and Turkey.

The rating primarily serves as a basis for decision-making for investors and financial service providers with an interest in sustainable investments. Together with financial ratings, the oekom research Country Rating can enable a more comprehensive assessment of the long-term solvency and, therewith, risk associated with sovereign bonds.”

The oekom Focus Country Rating contains the individual findings of the Country Rating and can be requested free of charge from communications@oekom-research.com