“Levi’s dreams big to lead change in the fashion industry” – Eco-Business – February 15, 2017

On February 15, 2017 Eco-Business reported on the revolutionary changes proposed by Levi Strauss.

According to the article, “(b)y 2025, the world’s oldest jeans brand will make all of its products from 100 per cent sustainable cotton as part of an ambitious plan to “close the loop” on its supply chain.”

The planned manufacturing process using 100% sustainable cotton – including recycled cotton – would revolutionize the global supply chain for jeans.

The article also profiles the company’s ground-breaking attention to social conditions in its supply chain.

“Levi’s was not only the first apparel company, but the first multinational to introduce a labour code of conduct in 1991, to ensure that the workplace standards and business practices of its suppliers lived up to its own.

A quarter of a century on, as the global cotton industry supply chain has come under greater scrutiny, Levi’s is working to improve the lot of factory workers through its Worker Well-being programme.

The scheme started out as a pilot with five vendors and is now being expanded to 25 suppliers in 11 countries. This will mean better healthcare and financial support for 100,000 workers behind 60 per cent of the company’s production volume.”

You may read the article on the Eco-Business internet site.