“Gap Will Source 100 Percent Sustainable Cotton By 2021” – TriplePundit – April 27, 2017

On April 27, 2017 TriplePundit reported Gap Inc.’s pledge to source 100% of its cotton from sustainable sources for its flagship Gap brand by 2021.

“In an interview with TriplePundit, Gap said that it is also agnostic about what types of “sustainable” cotton it will purchase over the next four years. While an increase in BCI-certified cotton is critical to the company’s mission, Gap claims it will also increase its purchase of organic, American-grown and recycled cotton.

‘We consider our approach to be a portfolio approach,” said Melissa Fifield, senior director of sustainable innovation at Gap. “This goal will require additional innovation and further developments in current technologies.’”

You may read the article on the TriplePundit internet site.