“Smartphones are child’s play, but what about the child labor?” – OEDC Insights – April 27, 2017

On April 27, 2017 Roel Nieuwenkamp, Chair of the OECD Working Party on Responsible Business Conduct, contributed a thought piece to OECD Insights in which he exposes how child labor is exploited in the production of digital technology.

The piece profiles the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, which “call on companies to scrutinize their supply chains for human rights, labor, environmental and corruption impacts.”

In the case of production of digital technology, one due diligence measure the author suggests is joining an industry association, such as the Responsible Cobalt Initiative, which “has leverage over the cobalt smelters, pushing them to use international standards to source cobalt responsibly and prevent child labor.”

You may read the piece on the OECD Insights internet site.