Greenpeace and Thai Union Group – Agreement – July 11, 2017

On July 11, 2017 Greenpeace and Thai Union Group – the world’s largest canned tuna company – signed an agreement “that seeks to drive positive change within the industry by addressing four overarching issue areas (fish aggregating devices [FADs], longlines, transhipment, labour).

Through this agreement, Thai Union has made significant and far-reaching commitments that aim to support current best practice fisheries, improve other fisheries, reduce illegal and unethical practices from global supply chains, and bring more responsibly-caught tuna to key markets. This package of reforms position the company well to help build the necessary momentum towards a more sustainable, socially responsible and transparent industry. The agreement is not a silver bullet that eliminates the tuna sector’s ecological and social footprint, but it presents an opportunity to begin to change the way tuna is caught and brought to market to help safeguard the future of impacted species and people.”

You may read a summary of the agreement on the Greenpeace internet site.