“Responsible Investing – Principles, Pillars and Progress” – Just Means – July 31, 2017

On July 31, 2017 John Streur, President and Chief Executive Officer of Calvert Research and Management, contributed a guest blog to JustMeans entitled, Responsible Investing – Principles, Pillars and Progress.”

The thought piece chronicles the evolution of responsible investing and describes the principles behind it, the pillars on which it stands and progress made to date.  According to the author, “(t)he responsible investing movement that we have started and shaped has reached the end of the beginning, with a broad and strong foundation that will evolve to provide the superstructure of our society’s continuing struggle to address and solve its greatest challenges. Our efforts are working, and we are being joined in our mission by more investors worldwide every day.”

You may read the thought piece on the Just Means internet site.