“To make ESG investing work, Swiss Re focuses on diversity” – GreenBiz – July 31, 2017

On July 31, 2017 GreenBiz reported that the world’s second-largest reinsurance company, Swiss Re, “is 90%of the way through the process of shifting its entire $130 billion liquid asset portfolio towards environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) indices. It expects to complete the transition by the end of the third quarter of 2017.”

According to the article, “Swiss Re’s new investing philosophy is built on three pillars:

  1. Switching to broad-based ESG benchmarks, focusing on higher ESG-rated investments; the most important of Swiss Re’s new investment strategy
  2. Creating mandates around themes such as green bonds, renewable or social infrastructure
  3. Exclusions based on an internal sustainable risk framework and avoiding thermal coal investments

It also leans on investment performance over time rather than immediate, high yields.”

You may read the article on the GreenBiz internet site.