“State Street launches tool to deliver transparency in ESG investing” – Plan Sponsor – December 7, 2017

On December 7, 2017 Plan Sponsor reported that State Street launched ESGX, “a new analytics tool designed to provide information to help clients bring transparency and standardization to their ESG investing.

State Street also announced agreements with new data providers, including Arabesque, to complement its existing agreement with TruValue Labs, announced earlier this year. ESGX offers clients the ability to receive their ESG data sets from any or all of the data providers State Street is collaborating with.

Developed by State Street Global Exchange, State Street’s data and analytics business, ESGX will provide clients with a web platform through which they can assess ESG factor exposure in their portfolios, such as a company’s carbon footprint, the type of labor used in a supply chain, and board diversity statistics. Clients will also have the ability to review reports, which can be updated daily, that show how the ESG profile of a portfolio has evolved over time.”

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