“NRDC Mapping Tool Links Apparel Brands to Their Suppliers’ Environmental Performance” – Sustainable Brands – January 3, 2018

On January 3, 2018 Sustainable Brands reported that the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and China’s Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) have launched the IPE Green Supply Chain Map.

“Based on publicly available data from the Chinese government, IPE’s database and map provide real-time data and historical trends in air pollution emissions and wastewater discharge for nearly 15,000 major industrial facilities in China and access to environmental supervision records for over half a million more. Target, Esprit, New Balance, PUMA, Gap Inc. and Inditex have agreed to become the first companies featured on the new map, publicly sharing their lists of suppliers and providing this information to IPE for its inaugural mapping efforts.

The IPE Green Supply Chain Map, which is available in both English and Chinese, gives companies the real-time information they need to ensure the sustainability of their manufacturing operations from afar. It also allows customers and other connected members of the public to gain greater insight into companies’ environmental impacts.”

You may read the article on the Sustainable Brands internet site.