“’100 per cent sustainable materials’: Bridgestone Tires rolls out global sustainable procurement policy” – Business Green – February 7, 2018

On February 7, 2018 Business Green reported that a day earlier the Japanese tiremaker Bridgestone had announced a new Global Sustainable Procurement Policy that would apply globally to all purchased materials and services, from all suppliers.

“’Our new policy is a critical step in realizing the Bridgestone Group’s global corporate social responsibility commitment, ‘Our Way to Serve’, which provides a framework for how we do business, develop products, and interact with customers and communities,’ said Masaaki Tsuya, CEO and representative executive officer at Bridgestone Corporation. ‘We recognise our ability and responsibility to drive change and improvements in the ways that industry interacts with the environment and communities around the world.

“We expect our suppliers and partners to work with us in pursuit of sustainable supply chains, efforts which are never-ending and which require collaborations with all industry players, including communicating with the various audiences in order to generate broader public awareness.’”

According to the policy, Bridgestone’s goal for 2050 and beyond is “100% Sustainable Materials.”

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