“Sri Lanka is a big bet for us, says Tundra Fonder” – Mirror Business – March 6, 2018

On March 6, 2018 Mirror Business reported that the Swedish emerging and frontier asset manager Tundra Fonder is keen on Sri Lanka.

“Tundra Fonder, which was founded six years ago, has invested in corporates displaying ESG in seven countries and the assets under the Tundra Fonder management have doubled each year, to reach US $ 400 million.

US $ 150 million is in the Frontier Sustainability Fund, which has invested US $ 20 million or 12 percent of the fund portfolio, in Sri Lanka.

Communication of environmental and social governance (ESG) practices of Sri Lankan firms would be key for companies to attract foreign investor interest, according to Tundra Fonder.”

You may read the article on the Mirror Business internet site.