Certified Training Course – Introduction to Sustainable Finance – Mostadam – Cairo, Egypt – March 18-22, 2018

Mostadam logoFollowing the 2008 financial crisis, the financial industry is brought face to face with its own inconsistencies and shortcomings. The industry is increasingly becoming disharmonious with social and environmental realities.

Realizing financial industry gaps, MOSTADAM, in response, was initiated by Arab African International Bank (AAIB) in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Egyptian Corporate Responsibility Center (ECRC) in 2014. It is focused on capacity building, advocacy and advancing sustainable products and services.

From March 18-22, 2018 Geoffrey Mazullo, Principal, Emerging Markets ESG, delivered in Cairo a five-day certified training course – Introduction to Sustainable Finance – as part of the Mostadam platform.  This was the fourth edition of the introductory course; the inaugural course was delivered in November 2014, a second edition in March 2017 and a third edition in November 2017.Mostadam course - March 2018

33 bankers from six Egyptian commercial banks and the Central Bank of Egypt participated in the course.

Details about the course, including agenda, description, pricing and venue may be found in the course brochure.