“Which Countries Have the Most Sustainability-Focused Companies?” – Think Advisor – October 8, 2018

An article published on Think Advisor on October 8, 2018 profiles the latest edition of the Morningstar Sustainability Atlas, which “rates 46 global equity indexes based on their ESG and ESG-related controversy scores. The 46 Indexes represent 97% of global market capitalization.”

According to the article, European stock indexes rank higher than their US counterparts.  The Netherlands has the highest ranking.

“On the flip side are the low scorers for sustainability and ESG: emerging markets including Russia, China, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Poland and the Czech Republic and the developed markets of Israel and Singapore.

Asian countries are mixed, with Japan, Taiwan, India and Thailand tending toward middling scores and besting the U.S. for sustainability while Korea, Singapore and the Philippines score below the U.S.”

You may read the article on the Think Advisor internet site.