“Top Ten Responsible Investment Trends in China in 2019” – Syn Tao Green Finance – February 15, 2019

On February 15, 2019 Syn Tao Green Finance published an article outlining the top ten responsible investment trends in China in 2019.

The trends are:

Trend 1: ESG Reporting Guidelines are Expected to be Released

Trend 2: More ESG-themed Mutual Fund Products to the Market

Trend 3: Insurance Funds would Take Lead among Long-term Asset Owners

Trend 4: PE and VC Start to Look into ESG Integration

Trend 5: Green Bond Market to be Further Regulated

Trend 6: Banks to Endorse the Principles for Responsible Banking

Trend 7: More Local Green Finance Policies to be Released

Trend 8: Greening Belt and Road Investments

Trend 9: Litigation Risks Arising from Environmental Public Interests to increase

Trend 10: FinTech to be Applied in Exploring Innovation of Green and Inclusive Finance.

You may read the article on the Syn Tao Green Finance internet site.