POVERTY – An Alternative Paradigm – E-book published on March 1, 2019

On March 1, 2019 Dr. Ascanio Graziosi published a new e-book entitled, POVERTY – An Alternative Paradigm:  Moving from Credit-Based Economy to Community-Based Economy.

In this critical work, Dr. Graziosi outlines a new paradigm to tackle poverty, taking inspiration from his extensive field experience and expertise in development finance.

According to the author, the algorithm at the heart of capitalism – namely, the exploitation of human and natural resources – is no longer accepted by either ordinary people, who are dissatisfied with the system, or by entrepreneurs or professionals, who are committed to the system.  He argues that the degeneration of the financial sector of the economy hasn’t produced real wealth, but rather virtual affluence.  Day by day, people perceive that there is something wrong with the system.  Unfortunately, proponents of solidarity haven’t yet proposed a new algorithm.  Consequently, there is a need for a new tool box.

In this context, the author, referencing the UN 2030 Agenda, proposes to achieve inclusive growth by moving from a CREDIT-BASED ECONOMY to a COMMUNITY-BASED ECONOMY, to improve business conditions and livelihoods.

You can read more about the e-book and order it here.