Necessary Ambition – An Sustainable Banking Network Task Force Report – IFC – June 22, 2020

On June 22, 2020 the International Finance Corporation (IFC) announced the release of the report “Necessary Ambition: How Low-Income Countries Are Adopting Sustainable Finance to Address Poverty, Climate Change, and Other Urgent Challenges, along with its 16 case studies, 8 country reports, and a set of tools to support decisions in developing and implementing sustainable finance roadmaps. This is the first comprehensive review of drivers and innovation behind market-level efforts to promote sustainable finance in low-income countries.

The study finds that sustainable finance has emerged as a pathway for low-income countries to de-risk investments and enable the financial flows needed to support climate action and sustainable development. SBN countries recognize that transitioning to sustainable financial systems is critical to their futures.”

You may download the report from the IFC internet site.